Sundays are always slow, and often result in me not leaving my pyjamas for the entire day! Today, for the first time in a while, snow decided to grace us with its presence. 

It was a rather moronic attempt and there is no way I shall be evacuating my pyjamas to fight in the 2 degrees blustery wind, thank you very much.  So, as an alternative of braving the cold, I shall remain tucked up in bed – a wise decision. 

I sit here; immersed with a textbook and a mug of coffee, sitting in front of one of my all-time favorite comedy dramas  Stella

The series, which first aired in January 2012, airs on Sky 1 which could possibly be the reason that some people are unfamiliar with it. At present, the show just finished its fourth season The heart-warming show is the brainchild of actress Ruth Jones and her husband, David Peet. Jones received much acclaim when she wrote and appeared in well-loved sitcom, Gavin and Stacey. In the comedy, she played the role of Vanessa 'Nessa' Jenkins; Stacey's misguided (and rather vulgar) best friend.  

Stella presents a refreshing warmth to it, just as Gavin and Stacey did. Ruth Jones plays the title character, you guessed it, Stella Morris. A loveable soul, Stella is a single mother to Luke (the eldest), Emma (middle) and Ben (youngest). In the first season, storylines are hot off the shelf and full out action! Luke (Craig Gallivan) is released from prison, Emma (Catrin Stewart) reveals she is pregnant; aged 16, and Ben (Justin Davies) just gets up to normal tricks for a teenage boy. 

Aw, life!
The Morris family are complimented well with Stella's friend, 'Big Alan' Willliams (Steven Speirs) who's love interest is Stella. However, Stella's boyfriend is Shaun McCaskill (Kenny Doughty), known sometimes as 'Scouser Shaun', despite being from Barnsley. Mixed with Stella's naughty funeral director sister-in-law Paula Koch (Elizabeth Berrington) and the hilarious pairing of Karl (Julian Lewis Jones) and Nadine Bevan (Karen Paullada), the show is bound to generate giggles that reverberate into trickles of sympathy and melancholy as Stella's life yo-yo's through good and bad moments. Especially when she is constantly fighting against ex-husband Rob Morgan (Mark Lewis Jones) as she tries to forget about him. 

Throughout the episodes, we grow to love additional characters such as Rhian Evans (Maxine Evans) and her 'cocking' marvellous expressions, not to mention Bobby (Aled Pugh) and of course, Daddy (Howell Evans). However, a particular fan favorite for me is Aunty Brenda (Di Botcher) who manages to insult anyone she converses with! Additionally, you should watch out for hilarious nurse trainer Cheryl (Claire Hingot) who manages to intimidate her whole team. Ka-plum? The third season, originally airing in 2014, saw the introduction of Stella's current love interest    Michael Jackson (Patrick Baladi). She and Jackson spark feud at the outset as next door neighbours. However, after a little tough love, the couple become an item! Aw, adorbs. 

Series 1-4 plus a Christmas special are available on Amazon. To purchase these goodies, please go here (Series 1-3) and here (Series 4 + Xmas Special). Although I am an owner of the Series 1-3 box set, Series 4 is at the top of my Christmas list for real!

James Greaves

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  1. I love taking things slow on Sundays too ♥